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School Inspection & Safeguarding in the UK

Based in Hayes, Greater London and Blackburn in the North West, e 1st is highly committed to helping all schools and academies by providing both pre and post inspection advice, as well as child protection and safeguarding support across the UK and internationally. We establish and embed good practices to ensure future success within these schools.

With Over 25 Years of Experience as Qualified Educationalists and Inspection Specialists, We Can Help You Unlock Your School's Potential

Our passionate educational consultants at e 1st have worked within both maintained and independent schools across the UK. This includes work as school inspectors at primary and secondary schools, as well as schools for children with additional needs. Our work is carried out in schools throughout the UK, as well as internationally.

Our educational consultants have worked in over 300 schools as headteachers, executive headteachers, principals, and school inspectors. With our support, many schools which where rated inadequate have become more successful in just a short period of time, whilst many schools have benefited from our pre-inspection reviews and post-inspection support. We have provided these schools with an ‘action plan’ for the DfE to help them progress even further in future.

e 1st provides unique advice and support services, tailored to meet the needs of each individual school. Our 'hands-on' consultants have helped schools unlock their full potential by providing exceptional educational services. They ensure to keep schools up to date with the latest inspection criteria and DfE policies and guidance, including the protection and safeguarding of children. Much of our work covers education from the early years, way up to schools with pupils aged 16+.

Our offices are based in Hayes in Greater London and Blackburn in the North West.

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Pre-Inspection Support

Our pre-inspection support will establish the status of your school by determining whether the school is currently meeting DfE and Ofsted regulatory requirements, whilst we will also look into the overall effectiveness of your organisation. Normally, a two-day detailed review and report provides schools with a better understanding of current performance, and what else is required to achieve the next grade. During the follow up pre-inspection visit, our knowledgeable and ‘hands-on’ consultants will provide advice and guidance to help the school meet all regulatory requirements.


This advice covers:

1.       Quality of education

2.       Behaviour and attitude

3.       Personal developments

4.       Leadership and management


Our devoted consultants will provide professional and expert advice, drawing on policies and procedures in line with DfE and Ofsted requirements. To help implement these standards, our educational consultants provide tailor-made training sessions.

Post-Inspection Support

At e 1st, we can help you implement changes to help your organisation move forward after an Ofsted inspection. We will provide you with an action plan which will help the school meet all DfE and Ofsted requirements, whilst training can also be arranged or provided at your request. For further information, please get in touch with our professional team at e 1st.

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Child Safeguarding

Child Protection & Safeguarding

We specialise in providing support to proprietors, trustees, governing boards, and senior leaders. Our expert advice includes various aspects of safeguarding such as safer recruitment, staff training, child protection, developing policies and procedures, and monitoring the implementation of safeguarding and child protection.  

For School Inspection and Safeguarding Advice in the UK, Contact Our Team at e 1st Today

Thank you for getting in touch, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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